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Marc Zemel


Serial medical device entrepreneur. Previously raised $15M and led hospital cardiac output monitor (Retia Medical) to FDA clearance and market launch. 18 patents. MBA Yale, MS Mech. Eng. MIT.

Jeff Reynolds PhD

VP of R&D

Expertise in consumer medical device hardware development. Most recently Director R&D and Hardware Engineering for Bayer (~20 years) connected glucose monitors. 60 patents issued worldwide. PhD Electrical Eng. Purdue.

Alex Markovic PhD

Director of Engineering

Previously led software development for Bayer connected glucose monitors, mobile apps and cloud-based systems. PhD Computer & Mechanical Eng.

Board and Advisors


George Solomon

Experienced CEO for Fortune 500 and startup companies in pharma and medical device spaces. Most recently CEO of Mindray, N. A. Raised $160M in capital and led 10 M&A transactions.

Jerry Korten

Previously CEO of Versamed, which he sold to GE Healthcare. Expertise in algorithm development and embedded engineering of patient monitoring and mobile health devices. MS University of Michigan.

Raymond Townsend

MD Clinical Advisor

Director of Hypertension Program and Prof. of Medicine, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania. Leading expert in blood pressure monitoring and hypertension.